Camo Netting- British Woodland - 10 x 10 approx - Grade1 (G1)
Work Shirts - OG (G1)
No 2 Dress Shirt (G1)
RAF Shirts - blue (G1)
RAF Air Crew Long Sleeve Undershirt - roll neck (G1)
Issue Thermal Long Sleeve Top - OG (G1)
Issue Thermal Long John Bottoms - OG (G1)
Issue Wool Jumper - OG (G1)
Ex-Police Wool Jumper - navy (G1)
Overalls (G1)
Soldier 95 Rank Slides - new - each
Mess Tins (new)
New Knife/Fork/Spoon (KFS) set
58 Pattern Water Bottle and Mug (New)
Aluminium Mug - 58 Pattern Style
New Crusader Cup - Black
New Solid Fuel Hexamine Cooker
Refill Hexamine Tablets
Rations - Individual Meals - Boil in Bag
Sleep Mats (new)
Emergency Foil Blanket (new)
Personal Survival Kits - in tin - with instructions (new)
Right Angled Torch with Filters - 2 x D Cell Battery (new)
Right Angled Torch with Filters - 2 x AA Battery (new )
British S10 Respirator (G1)
Camo Face Paint (new)
Housewife S95 (new)
Mini Sharpening Stone (new)
Mosquito Net- bed - single (new)
Mosquito Net- bed - double (new)
British Army Holdall - canvas (G1)
British Kit Bag / Rucksack (G2 & G1)
German Kit Bag - 100 ltrs- back straps (G1)
Flying Suits (G1) Phone for Availability - small & medium
Wire Tent Pegs
Fluorescent Tent Pegs / Arc Markers
Bungees - Olive Green
Paracord Olive - Approx 50ft
Nyrex Folders - A5 x 20 pages
Nyrex Folders - A5 x 40 pages
Nyrex Folders - A4 x 20 pages
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