Bergens & Webbing


All Arms PLCE DPM Bergen without side pockets- Grade 1 (G1)
Infantry PLCE DPM Bergen - 125 Ltr inc side pockets (G1)
DPM Side Pockets - pair (G1)
Infantry Bergen- PLCE- DPM (G2) - no side pockets
OG Side Pockets - pair (G1)
Day Sack and Webbing Yokes (G1)
Soldier 95 DPM 6 Piece Webbing Set (G1)
90 Pattern OG 6 piece Webbing Set (G1)
DPM Bergen cover- 120 ltr
Chest Rigs DPM (G2 G1 and new)
Web Tex Assault Vest- including water bladder in IRR DPM new
Various Assault Vests
Web Tex NI Patrol Sack DPM new
Issue NI Patrol Sack - new
US Assault Holster (Drop Leg) in Camo/Olive Green/Black
Viper Adjustable Drop Leg Holster
Highlander Forces 25L Day Sack - Olive or DPM
Highlander Forces 33L Day Sack - Olive or DPM
Highlander Forces 44L Day Sack - Olive or DPM
Dry Bags 25 - 30 L (new)
Dry Bags 40 - 45 L (new)
Dry Bags 100 - 120 L (new)
Camo Tape
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